Dalat Jeep Adventures

Dalat is a particular special place in Vietnam - a tropical country, with an extremely comfortable cooling environment all year-round both in hot summer and cold winter.

In the Second Indochina War, Dalat is the cradle of arts, cultures, politics and education of Vietnam. Many artists as well as intellectuals of the country came to live in Da Lat, most of them then became famous. With Dalat Jeep Adventures, we are on the journey to find and preserve Dalat’s inner beauty so that we can introduce to our friends its cultural identity.

In addition, Army Jeep was a very significant symbol of Dalat which was once used by all the royal families as well as the American government in the past. Besides, we love travelling by the old Army Jeep because it would adjoin the experience more emotions. Likewise, you can also interact more with the tranquil nature and fully join the atmosphere here when sitting on a Jeep.

By all the fondness with Dalat and Army Jeeps, we create some tours where we can share you our Dalat in a truly special and unique way. 

About Us

DaLat Jeep Adventures (DJA) is established by a group of us young people whose aim is to share our fondness in travelling as well as in US Army Jeeps with you all. 

It’s the love with Dalat that makes us together.

Dalat through our eyes turns out to be a beloved dear.

Dalat through our senses is a close friend.

And we want to put everything in just a Jeep tour offering a preferential price tailored only for you, Dalat wanderers. We hope to bring you exactly what we feel about this gorgeous place.

With us, Dalat is Dat Aliis Laaetitiam Aliis Temperiem (it is a Latin phrase which means "giving pleasure to some, freshness to others”). 

Our tours

Most of the time, you will enjoy our ride through the areas with breathtaking views of mountain, forest, farms and villages. In between, you can also walk up and down some hill for small exercise and for sightseeing. At every stop, we will share you all the stories and our thoughts of those places. We will take photos and videos then send them back to you as a gift at the end of the tour. While you go with us, you can also contact locals to see how they live, join them in their work and find out the way they make their living.

Beside the sightseeing tours, we still offer other special tours from Saigon to Dalat or from Dalat to Nha Trang. 

Dalat Camping Tour

This ride is perfect for those who love and want to explore the natural view of Dalat

Dalat – Nha Trang Off-road Adventure

Travel with us over 2 days and 1 night on our off-road adventure and let Dalat Jeep Adventures take the hassle out of planning the trip of your dreams.

Saigon - Dalat Jeep Tour

We're pleased to announce our newest tour to the lineup. Grab your spot before they're gone!

Dalat Wanderlust Tour

A sightseeing tour for Dalat lovers


Where we store our beautiful moments with DJA's friends

Nick & Briana

A nice couple from England, DJA's first friends

Katie & Juano

Two seperate guests joining in Dalat After Dark Tour together

Dalat Wanderlust Tour

Having lunch with Dalat local people

Dalat After Dark Tour

Dalat special food

Dalat After Dark Tour

Driving around the city at night

Dalat Countryside Tour

Get out of the city to enjoy the natural suburb view

Dalat Countryside Tour

A different Dalat

Dalat Architecture Tour

Visit beautiful buiding on a Jeep



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